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December 14th, 2017 Business Meeting

December 14, 2017

Business Meeting



  1. Call to Order – Justin Stankewicz
    1. Meeting opened at 9 AM.
  2. Approval of the Treasures Report

Denny presented the Report – was approved.  Bill Butts moved to approve the Budget as it was handed out.  Ellie Bonde second the motion.  The motion was approved.

Committee Reports:

  1. Membership – Linda Koons reported she mailed out the remaining renewal notices to members. There are 26 New Members.  There are 75 Members all together.  The discount has been extended to Jan 1st. 2018.
  2. Advertising – Dennis Regulinski turned over the FaceBook to Laura Almonte.
  3. Ambassadors – No report
  4. Carroll County Chamber- Justin Stankewicz said he was willing to get more involved with both the Frederick and the Carroll Chamber.
  5. Finance - Justin Stankewicz started a discussion around looking for more donations request.
  6. Phone Book -  Linda Koons reported we are still in collection of funds.  We have not paid the final bill to the printer because we are waiting for them to correct all of the misprints and mistakes.  We hope to get them to reduce the bill.  Start up for the next years Directory will begin after January.
  7. Professional Development Committee - Ellie Bonde and Cathy Frattali will be meeting in January with the town on the Educational Seminars Project again for 2018.  It will be for a 12 week period on Tuesday Mornings March thru May at Town Hall.  Anyone wanting specific topics covered, please let Ellie or Cathy know.
  8. Social Committee – Cara Harrison
  9. Next BCE will be announced shortly. It will be posted on the Web Site. e.
  10. Please contact Ray Miller or Cara Harrison if you would like to host one.
  11. Scholarship Committee – Discussion was around the guidelines of our contributions to the Frederick & Carroll County Community College’s Foundation.  It was decided to have two $1,000 scholarships for each school.  One for a Business

Career and one for a Trade Career.  The other conditions were:  Need Based, and that the Scholarship be given in $ 500 per semester.

  1. Web Site-  Linda will work with Chris Richard to get the web site updated with officers for 2018 and updated pictures and overall layout.

Old Business:

The next meeting will be a Breakfast Meeting for the instillation of officers.  The

Chamber will offset part of the Breakfast Expense.  Members will pay $8.00.

Location is Mt. Airy Tavern on January 18th, 2018 at 8AM.  Information is to be

emailed to members.



New Business:

Denny Ahalt moved we restrict funds for the Scholarships to go from $4,000. to

$6,500.  Dennis Requlinski seconded the motion.  It was approved by all.

Bill Butts spoke about the Master Plan for Mount Airy and the importance of have

the Chamber involved.  There are 2 Companies made the semi-finalist list for the

$120,000 project.




Next meeting January 18, 2018 at Mt. Airy Tavern



Respectively submitted,

Linda Koons

Acting Secretary




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