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January 14, 2016 Business Meeting

Present: Jim Scales (Sandy Spring Bank), Dennis Regulinski (Mid-Atlantic Accounting Solutions), Linda Koons (M&T Bank), Cara Harrison Corridor Mortgage Group), Bob Force (Century 21 – New Millenium), Paul Clay (Mt. Airy Economic Development Commission and ReMax Realty Plus), Denny Ahalt (Mt. Airy Lions Club), Melissa Thorn (Town of Mt Airy, Economic Development Manager), Dave Reagle (Browning Reagle Insurance) and Kathy Eichelberger (Independent Imaging Associates).

1. Call to Order – Jim Scales opened the meeting at 9:03.
2. Minutes are posted on the website for December 2015. Motion to approve the minutes was made by Denny Ahalt and seconded by Dennis Regulinski. Passed.
3. Treasurer’s Report

 a. Denny Ahalt reported revenue collected in 2015 totaled $25,437.87 and the yearend balance was $22,782.85. Kathy Eichelberger made motion to accept these reports and Cara Harrison seconded – motion passed.
b. Denny Ahalt reminded us that $4,000 of the scholarship monies ($8054.66 total allocated) is restricted to scholarship use only.

4. Committee Report

a. Advertising and Marketing – Dennis Regulinski reminded us that information needs to get to him to place ads for Chamber events.
b. Ambassadors

1. Dave Reagle reported that all new members were called and welcomed to the Chamber. They were invited to tonight’s business card exchange.
2. Dave suggested presenting the new member orientation at the Chamber breakfast meeting – suggesting a higher participation, instead of the low interest in the evening class/presentation in prior years.

c. Carroll County Chamber – No report.

1. Jim Scales suggested that our Chamber and the Carroll County Chamber co-sponsor events in an effort to increase membership in our Chamber.
2. Suggestion was made that Jim Scales contact Mike McMullen with the Southern Carroll County Business Group.
3. Paul Clay suggested approaching Joel Tolley (South Carroll Business Club) as liaison for the Chamber.

d. Finance – Denny Ahalt mentioned that he received a request from the Historical Society of Frederick for $100 to place an ad for the Chamber.
e. Frederick County Chamber - No report.
f. Government Relations

1. Melissa Thorn reported that they have been collecting emails and suggestions for topics for future events/seminars. She is hoping to contact members to be speakers.
2. She mentioned that Main Street Committee is looking for sponsors for events.
3. An RFQ will be issued for a new town logo and rebranding.
4. The Town of Mt Airy joined the Carroll County Chamber.

g. Membership

1. Linda Koons reported that membership total is 97.
2. Jim Scales stated that there is a real need to increase membership – and asked for ideas on how to do that.
3. Paul Clay suggested that committee heads attend the monthly Business Meeting to encourage attendance for other members.

h. Phone Book LLC – Nothing to report.
i. Professional Development – No report. Paul Clay again suggested that current Chamber members offer presentations of useful tools/information to other Chamber members.
j. Scholarship – Jim Scales said he would start high school visits at the end of January to share information about this year’s scholarship awards.
k. Social – Cara Harrison reported that these business card exchanges are scheduled for 2016:

1. February @ Firehouse Pottery
2. March 10 @ Maryland Sunrooms
3. April 14 sponsored by Ray Miller @Re/Max Realty Plus office
4. May sponsored by Damascus Community Bank (location, date to come)
5. June 9 @ Lorien sponsored by Lorien and Cindy Jacobs (Sinful Cuisine)
6. July 14 sponsored by Mike Dixon of Critical Power (location to come)
7. November 10 is annual membership drive at the Activities Building.

l. Website – Linda Koons reported that Chris Richards suggested leaving GODADDY and going to another provider – he is researching possibilities.

5. Old Business – We still need a Recording Secretary for 2016 term.
6. New Business

a. After much discussion, the next Chamber breakfast was scheduled for Thursday, Feb 11, at the Mt Airy Tavern. Cost will be $10 per attendee (balance to be paid by the Chamber).
b. Cara Harrison offered to pay for breakfast for the 14 new members. Jim Scales offered to co-sponsor with her. Cara said she would call or write each new member to invite them personally.
c. The event will be called the “2016 Kick-off Meeting” and Dave Reagle will do the new member orientation presentation – informing/reminding members of what the Chamber offers/does.

Meeting adjourned at 10:18.

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