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January 31, 2018 General Membership Meeting Minutes

January 31, 2018

General Membership Meeting


Present:  Justin Stankewicz, Denny Ahalt, Dennis Regulinski, Ellie Bonde, Dave Reagle and

Linda Koons.

  1. Call to Order – Justin Stankewicz
    1. Meeting opened at 5:18PM
  2. Approval of the Treasures Report

Denny presented the Report – was approved.

  1. Minutes handed out and approved


Committee Reports:

  1. Membership – Linda Koons reported there are 34 New Members. Total members are 112.
  2. Advertising – No report.
  3. Ambassadors – Dave Reagle will be ordering new name badges soon.  Will consider other venders.
  4. Carroll County Chamber- No report
  5. Finance Committee - No report
  6. Phone Book -  Linda Koons reported we are still in collection of funds.  We have not paid the final bill to the printer because we hope to get them to reduce the bill.  Start up for the next years Directory will begin in March.  The Chamber will review later to see if they want to continue for the 2019-2020 book.
  7. Professional Development Committee - Ellie Bonde reported that the Educational Seminars Project will start for 2018 as a 12-week period on Tuesday Mornings March thru May at Town Hall.  Anyone wanting specific topics covered, please let Ellie or Cathy know.
  8. Social Committee – No report
  9. Scholarship Committee – No report
  10. Web Site- Chris Richard is working on making the web site mobile friendly.  He will have more information for the Feb. Meeting.

Old Business:

Turn out for the Breakfast Meeting was well attended.  There was 41 members and guest in attendance.  The Business Card Exchange had over 51 people who signed in or dropped off business cards.


New Business:

Justin reported that he has not been able to find a suitable meeting location other than the fire house. There is a $50 per meeting donation to the Fire Company for the use of the room. Since the Chamber has donated to the Fire Company in the past (usually $500 annually), there will only be an addition cost of $100.

After a discussion on changing the times and dates of the meetings, Dennis Regulinski made a motion to change it to the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 5:30PM. The motion was seconded by Denny Ahalt and was approved by all. The new location is the lower level of the Firehouse at 702 North Main Street.  Everyone should park around the back and enter through the doors on the lower level.  The first meeting will be held Feb. 14, 2018 at 5:30PM.


Velocity of Books- wrote to explore have our business act as a library where you people could come in and get books provided by the Velocity.  The students would then read them and do a book report on the books.  When they turn the report in, the business would give a small gift as a reward for the student reading.  Justin will work on getting more information for the business interested in doing this.  One of the missions of the Chamber is to promote education of our youth.  This falls right in that line.


The EDC Meetings is the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7PM at Town Hall.  They would like to see more of our chamber members participating.  Justin stated he would attend.


Respectively submitted,

Linda Koons

Acting Secretary




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