Policy regarding use of logo:

The GMACC logo can be used by each Member on its letterhead, promotional material, website and corporate literature for no other purpose than to designate the Member's business as being a member of the GMACC. Such use is permitted, if, and only if, the phrase "member of" or "member of the Greater Mt Airy Chamber of Commerce" is prominently contiguous to the logo. It is strictly understood that such use of the logo does not imply an endorsement of any Member's products or services by the GMACC.  Any other use of the Chamber logo is subject to applicable policy as may have been set by the GMACC Executive Board.

Use of the GMACC name, logo, seal, trademark, acronym, or other graphic representation of the GMACC in any manner by any Member or GMACC Committee or its designee not meeting the criteria stated above must have the prior written approval of the GMACC Executive Board.


Color Web Logo Only. JPG File - 400px x 213px


Black and White Web Logo Only. JPG File - 400px x 213px

For vector or high resolution images please e-mail inquiries@mtairychamber.com