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November 12, 2015 Business Meeting


November 12, 2015

Business Meeting


Present:  Dennis Regulinski (Mid-Atlantic Accounting Solutions), Linda Koons (M&T Bank), Amy Farkas (M&T Bank), David Reagle (Browning Reagle Insurance), Cara Harrison Corridor Mortgage Group), Bob Force (Century 21 – New Millenium) and Kathy Eichelberger (Independent Imaging Assoc).


  1. Call to Order – Dennis Regulinski opened the meeting at 9:07.
  2. Minutes are posted on the website for October 2015 Motion to approve the minutes was made by Dave Reagle and seconded by Cara Harrison.
  3. Treasurer’s Report – Linda Koons reported that new account was opened with M&T Bank – account with New Windsor will be closed in January 2016.
  4. Committee Report –
    1. Advertising and Marketing – No report.
    2. Ambassadors – Dave Reagle had nothing to report.
    3. Carroll County Chamber – No report.
    4. Finance – No report.
    5. Frederick County Chamber - No report.
    6. Government Relations – No report.
    7. Membership – Linda Koons reminded us of the Membership Night his evening with discounted membership until Nov 30 – no extensions.
    8. Phone Book LLC – No report.
    9. Professional Development – No report.
    10. Scholarship – No report.
    11. Social – No report. Dave Reagle offered to work with Cara Harrison and Ray Miller on the Business Card Exchanges, to get them going monthly again.
    12. Website – No report.
  5. Old Business – Officer positions still need to be filled for 2016. Cara Harrison volunteered be Second Vice President.  We still need a Recording Secretary.
  6. New Business – All other business was deferred to the upcoming Planning Meeting on Nov 19.


Meeting adjourned at 9:51


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