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November 9th, 2017 Business Meeting

November 9th, 2017

Business Meeting


Present:  Jim Scales, Linda Koons, Dennis Regulinski, Ellie Bonde, Pastor Lorraine Brown, , Cara Harrison, Justin Stankewicz, Laura Almonte,  Denny Ahalt, Cathy Frattali, Wendy Rimbey

  1. Call to Order – Jim Scales (Sandy Springs Bank)
    1. Meeting opened at 9 AM.
  2. Approval of the Treasures Report

Denny presented the Report – was approved

Committee Reports:

  1. Membership – Linda Koons reported the Membership Drive is set for tonight. November 9th at the Reception Hall at the Carnival Grounds. 4:30 to 6:30PM cost is $75 to renew until the end of November.
  2. Advertising – Justin reported we are working on the Thank you for the Taste of Mt. Airy which we will have in the News Papers. We need a committee chair for this position.
  3. Ambassadors – We will be doing another order of name tages after the Membership Drive is over. Jerry’s Trophies is doing the badges.
  4. Finance - Budgets for the different committees should be in before the Planning Meeting.
  5. Phone Book -  Linda Koons reported the we would not be taking sales tonight at the Membership Drive.  January will start the sales process.  We distributed the funds for 2017 at the Taste of Mt. Airy.  The Chamber received $8,500, which was $500 over anticipated earnings.
  6. Professional Development Committee - Ellie Bonde reported that we will partner again for 2018 for educational seminars with the town.  It will be for a 12 week period on Tuesday Mornings March thru May at Town Hall.  Anyone wanting specific topics covered, please let Ellie or Cathy know.
  7. Social Committee –
  8. Next BCE is for 11/9/17 Membership Drive.
  9. December will be at Town Hall sponsored by the EDC 12/6/17 .
  10. Goal to post regularly to Facebook. Please remember to Like and Share.
  11. Scholarship Committee – No report.

Old Business:

Correction to officers for 2018 candidates are:

President -  Justin Stankewicz

1st Vice President –Laura Almonte

2nd Vice President – Cara Harrison

Secretary – Ray Miller

Treasure-  Denny Ahalt

Planning meeting is scheduled for 11/28/17 at the Mt. Airy Inn 5:30PM to 8PM

New Business:


Next meeting December 14, 2017 at M&T Bank at 9AM.


Respectively submitted,

Ray Miller

Acting Secretary




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