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September 14th, 2017 Executive Committee Meeting

September 14th, 2017

Executive Committee Meeting


Present:  Jim Scales, Linda Koons, Dennis Regulinski, Ellie Bonde, Pastor Lorraine Brown, Ray Miller, Cara Harrison, Justin Stankewicz, Laura Almonte


  1. Call to Order – Jim Scales (Sandy Springs Bank)
    1. Meeting opened at 9 AM.
  2. Approval of the Treasures Report
    1. Next Meeting we need clarification of expenses listed on report.
    2. Airy Middle School PTO wants a sponsorship for their Web Site.

Dennis Regulinski made motion to donate $100 to the PTO.  Ellie

Bonde seconded the motion.  Motion was approved.

  1. Dennis Regulinski made a motion that we sponsor a $200 Hole for the

Kiwanis Golf Tournament.   Cara Harrison 2nd the motion.  Motion was


Committee Reports:

  1. Membership – Linda Koons reported 111 Members.  31 are new.
  2. Phone Book -  Linda Koons reported there was issues with the layout of the book.  It should be at the post office next week.  Working with the printer to get a discount.

Linda suggested that we meet with the Kiwanis Club to reevaluate the Phone Book for 2018.  She will email Paul Clay, President of the Kiwanis to schedule a date.

  1. Professional Development Committee - Ellie Bonde reported that Cathy Frattali would like to join the committee.  We support the partnership with the town to have the educational seminars again in the spring.
  2. Social Committee – Ray Miller reported on the success of the Challedon. September’s BCE will be at Misc. Distillery 4:30 PM to 6:30PM. on Sept 21st.    Adding an October BCE sponsored by Larry VanSant at Challedon.  It was voted that we use the “Boost” with Face Book since we have it in the budget.
  3. Soirée Committee – Justin Stankewicz reported that we are looking for donations for the auction at the event.  Will request Chris Richard to send an email to all members looking for support of sponsorship or donations.  Sponsor levels are:  Friends $100, Bronze $150, Silver $250, Gold $500, Platinum $1,000.  Tickets sales will be $30 a person and $50 a couple.  Date is October 19th.
  4. Scholarship Committee – Pastor Lorraine Brown has joint the committee.

Discussion was held on whether to designate a certain

amount of our scholarship funds to Carroll Community College Foundation and the

Frederick Community College Foundation.  The Community Colleges have students

apply for scholarships.  They have a need for funds.  It seems that those students

going to the community colleges do not apply for any of our scholarships.  This way

we can help support those who would stay in the community and add value to their

home town areas.  Jim Scales will reach out to Frederick to research their interest.

Ellie Bonde will review with Carroll.  It was voted to table this discussion until next

meeting when we will have the vote.

  1. Election Committee – 2018 candidates are:

President -  Justin Stankewicz

1st Vice President –Laura Almonte

2nd Vice President – Cara Harrison

Secretary – Ray Miller

Treasure-  Dennis Regulinski



Next meeting October 12th at M&T Bank at 9AM.


Respectively submitted,

Ray Miller




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